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Why PanOptic?

When I was young, I wanted to work in tech. Back then, that meant moving to California, renting a house with other 20-somethings, and working in Silicon Valley.

Now it seems almost every company is a tech company, no matter what industry it's in. Everyone has to be software savvy. From designing a simple website or mobile app to building a complex SAAS ecosystem, businesses now have to build software in addition to the goods or services they provide. But if your area of expertise is education or finance, you're probably going to need some help building quality software. Let PanOptic consultants help.

Our customers have spanned a variety of industries, including healthcare, language services, insurance, automotive, business intelligence, and food services. We've gathered the best people we know with diverse backgrounds and experiences so we can pair our engineering experts with relevant domain knowledge for a customized consulting experience. Leave the engineering to us, so you can focus on whatever it is that you do best.

PanOptic. Quality, for everyone.


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